Launch Website

Grass Outlet

A leader in the Texas market, The Grass Outlet set out to dominate the space with aggressive pricing, exceptional customer service and of course, a perfect online experience.


Initially comprised of a couple of poorly designed pages, The Grass Outlet gained space in the market primarily for discounting its prices and undercutting the competition. Relying heavily on sponsored advertising, very little visibility was even possible otherwise as the site’s structure was deficient in every way.

What they needed

In order to become a major player and dominate the market, The Grass Outlet needed a website that was professionally and thoughtfully designed, with user's experience in mind. They needed a shopping cart that worked flawlessly and gave the customers complete peace of mind when entering their billing information. They needed tools in their website that would aid users in their purchase decision.

UX Design
QuickBooks Integration
Automated Dispatch System
Delivery Route Optimizer
Geo-intelligent IP detector

Design Concept

The focus of this design exercise was to put the user in charge of the experience. Users come to The Grass Outlet's website to purchase grass, so we intended to give the user just that, easy access to grass varieties and prices, which actually vary based on the zip code entered.

General Design


Fahrenheit Marketing created a gorgeous website that has gotten the public talking. In review websites, customer’s praise The Grass Outlet’s website intuitive nature and helpful tools, which were exclusively created for The Grass Outlet, such as the “Grasstimator”, as well as the filters created under the “shop online” button on the homepage, Custom features included in this site are pricing based on zip codes, delivery charges automatically calculated based on zip codes, full integration with QuickBooks reporting and invoicing system, and a state-of-the art freight management tool that recognizes each order and places the pallets of grass into each truck to be delivered with the most optimized route, considering distance between each delivery point.

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