iOS App Development: How to Get Started

Guilherme Parmezani
Guilherme Parmezani in Development

Like an iceberg, the portion that you actually see of an iOS App is just the minor part of a bigger and well-defined development process that starts from registering a developer account to deploying your App to the App Store.


Deploying WordPress with Capistrano on Godaddy Shared Hosting

Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams in Development

Recently a client of ours wanted to keep their site hosted on their existing Godaddy shared hosting account. There are several reasons I dislike shared hosting in general and Godaddy particularly, but I was pretty impressed that I was able to get capistrano working with WordPress on their shared hosting server.

On our own servers, we deploy WordPress via dokku. It is a heroku-style docker container manager. We can just do a git-push to the dokku server to release a new version. It spins up a new container, checks out our repo, and runs all of our build scripts. I will do a blog post soon about this, but there are a few more details I want to improve about it before I publish.


Meteor Development – Why Is It Awesome

Ricardo Casas
Ricardo Casas in Development

Web technology is so fast moving that often times it all looks like a blur. It seems it was yesterday we were still coding sites on tables, using parameters that today would be considered absolutely unacceptable. The rise of HTML5, CSS3, advanced JavaScript and other languages have essentially transformed the way we see the web today, and it has afforded designers, developers and end-users a wealth of new resources that has made the web a playground of creativity.