Design for User Experience

Keila White
Keila White in Design

Information is the lifeblood of design. Without information, design is useless. Web users do not spend as much time focusing on fonts and colors as designers would like to believe. They want information.

Fellow designers, I am with you; I die a little when good companies use inefficient typography. If design is not about about aesthetics, what is keeping designers from living a life on the run and becoming design vigilantes? Kerning for justice in the face of ugliness?

I’ll admit this approach is drastic. So before you go out and buy a cape, try this approach – focus on user experience.  Before focusing on aesthetic elements, do your research. Utilize problem solving skills to accomplish goals, give users what they need, and organize information effectively.


8 Ways To Creatively Inspire Yourself At Work

Katie Bower
Katie Bower in Design
At any sort of agency, whether its advertising, digital media, or design and development, originality is the ultimate goal. The pressure to produce authentic, creative work can weigh heavy on the shoulders of creators. Everyone experiences a creative mental block at least once in their career, and it is important to work through them and not allow it destroy your creative process. Check out these ways to get yourself out of the darkness to find your creative light.

Online Marketing: You Reap what you Sow

Tiffanie Wichman
Tiffanie Wichman in Design

That famous saying “you reap what you sow” is a common quote followed by a mass amount of working professionals. Reaping what you sow is just another iteration of you get what you put into it, working hard produces favorable results. This is also true for the online marketing world, especially search engine optimization (SEO). So it is important to note that reaping takes time and you wont see instant results. A good marketing agency will plan, prepare, and take careful consideration on how to use your money to maximize marketing results for your law practice.

What are some ways a good marketing agency can use your money to reap good fruit in the next year?