Coca-Cola falls to Apple, Google

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The latest Top 100 Brands study has been published, revealing some surprising results. Followed closely by the industry, the annual study is conducted by Interbrand Corp to determine the world’s most valuable brands by measuring its financial earnings and ability to make consumers buy.

Coca-Cola has been ousted from its number one position after 13 years sitting at the top of the list by none other than Apple, Inc. Coca-Cola didn’t just fall to second place, though. Coca-Cola landed in third place after being overtaken by Google for the second place spot. Apple’s value was measured at $98.3 billion, Google’s at $93.3 billion, and Coca-Cola’s fell to $79.2 billion.

The CEO of Interbrand said that Apple has changed lives not just with its technology, but its ethos through innovation even after the passing of Steve Jobs. Overall, the study saw its largest shifts among technology companies. While Apple and Google climbed to the top, lesser-ranked Samsung still advanced by 20 percent.

The largest decline in the 14-year history of the brand study occurred this year, too. Nokia fell from 19th to 57th place, reflecting its recent turmoil. Microsoft recently bought Nokia for $7.34 billion, and announced it will only license low-end devices for the next ten years and no high-end Nokias.

In terms of foreseeable declines, Blackberry simply fell off the list completely. Blackberry began struggling once Samsung and Apple provided phones with more apps and better web browsing. Blackberry just agreed to be bought by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. for $4.7 billion.


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How to Get Your Video to Go Viral

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Whether you are a nonprofit organization, a four-year university or a new law firm, your company can benefit from a viral video. The advantages are endless, and it’s free publicity for you. These videos can change previous attitudes, generate sales, recruit volunteers or whatever your goal is for your company.

So how do you do it? What goes into creating a video so unique that it gets the attention of millions?

Did you know that cats are more viral than dogs when it comes to videos?
Did you know that cats are more viral than dogs when it comes to videos?

Have a marketing plan.

Viral videos do not take off out of luck. They are the outcome of a strategic marketing plan and excellent content. Before releasing your video to the Web, you need to develop a plan on how you will bridge the gap between your video and influencers.

Know the timeline.

On the video’s release day, you need to spend as much time as possible spreading it in all ways possible. This means going beyond asking friends on Facebook to share it on their wall. You need to pitch your video to appropriate bloggers who may cover your video. Bloggers are a major marketing power. Through bloggers, your video has potential to reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions. Pitch to as many as possible, but only if it seems appropriate to pitch to the specific blogger. If he or she covers technology topics, do not pitch a heart-warming video about your nonprofit cause. Also make sure to pitch to any potential stakeholders who could benefit from your video going viral.

Day two is generally when traffic and speed picks up. Blogs start to cover and publish articles about your blog, publicity picks up, Facebook shares increase and marketing really takes off.

Inflict an emotional response.

The most successful viral videos are viral because the viewers felt an emotion after watching. Some of the best emotions to inflict include:

  • Excitement
  • Anger
  • Amusement
  • Fear
  • Sadness

Whatever the emotion may be, viewers need to have a strong response, which is what makes viral videos different from the millions of other videos hiding in corners of YouTube.

China Lifts Facebook Ban in Free-Trade Zone

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According to CNN, China has recently created a 17-square-mile “Free-Trade Zone,” where individuals will be able to access formerly blocked websites like Facebook and Twitter. The area is titled Shanghai Free-Trade Zone and will be launched this Sunday.

Prior to this lifted ban, China was known worldwide for blocking citizens and visitors from visiting foreign “politically-sensitive” websites due to a government censorship system known as the Great Firewall of China.facebook-image-fahrenheit-marketing

Purpose of the Zone

The new free zone is intended to test out financial and service sector reforms. If Beijing has reported success with the Free-Trade Zone, new policies may be implemented in a few other parts of China.

What does this mean for social media websites? This launch means that a new market has emerged as a way to continue growing the companies and continuing to expanding communication and connection globally. China makes up the largest market of Internet users, opening many doors for websites that will be opened in the zone that were formerly blocked.

Why Websites Were Blocked

Different websites are blocked for various reasons. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter were blocked in 2009, when deadly deadly revolts in a western province in Xinjiang were allegedly encouraged through social media. Additionally, the New York Times was blocked last year for reporting the fortune inheritance of Wen Jiabao’s family.

Blackberry to be Sold For $4.7 Billion

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Blackberry-Sold-Fahrenheit-marketingThe competition in the smartphone industry just got a little bit easier. Blackberry has begun the process of being acquired by Canadian company Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited for $4.7 billion. The troubled smartphone company has not quite been able to keep up with the extremely competitive smartphone industry and has suffered financially because of it.

Last week Blackberry announced that they were going to lay off 4,500 employees, essentially 40 percent of its workforce, in the face of continued financial burdens. The company also lost about $1 billion in the second quarter.

Fairfax Financial Holding Limited already owns about 10 percent of Blackberry’s shares, but soon the rest of the mobile phone company’s shareholders will be reimbursed for $9 per share as the deal moves forward. Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited plans on taking Blackberry private.

Blackberry has been slipping competition for a while, failing to meet the ever-higher expectation of consumers who are faced with options like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy. According to reports, it only has a 3 percent market share of the global smartphone market. Experts believe that succumbing to a deal with Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is simply a survival skill that the dwindling company has resorted to.

Experts also say that though at first it seems like a strange idea on behalf of Fairfax, Blackberry has a lot of value in terms of software and hardware patents, no debt, and $2.7 billion in cash.

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Is Your Brand Following Twitter Etiquette?

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Social media has proven to be valuable in promoting website traffic for organizations, most commonly through the use of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This is partially because social media helps bridge the communication gap between organizations and the targeted publics.

SEO marketing
Did you know that tweets with image links get twice as much engagement as those without?

Because of its increasing importance in online marketing, organizations should follow Twitter etiquette when creating an account and posting content. First, let’s look at some of the top reasons people choose to follow a Twitter account:

  • Tweets are informative and original
  • Tweets are funny
  • The account is owned by a celebrity
  • Shared interests between the users
  • Tweets are inspiring and motivating
  • The users are friends or acquaintances

However, the reasons for unfollowing a Twitter account are endless. Here are some of the top reasons Twitter users gave for unfollowing:

  • No profile picture
  • Tweets are in another language
  • Tweets have so much slang that no one is able to understand them
  • You tweet way too much.
  • Your tweets are a constant stream of ads and self-promotions
  • You fall for spam too easily
  • Tweets are too offensive
  • Too much biased political talk
  • You constantly tweet your real-life problems
  • You add no value to the Twitter world

Some of these reasons may be more surprising than others, but essentially, all users are looking for some sort of self-beneficial value from your tweets. This could mean simply getting a laugh or getting informative links to a mutual interest. If you want to properly engage your targeted publics on Twitter, gain followers and provide this desired value to the Twitter world, it is important to participate in Twitter etiquette. Below are some rules of thumb to help your brand:

Engage with your followers as much as possible.

Many Twitter users — and all social media users in general — are using the communication channel to have a direct line to the brand. They may have questions about your brand or services, or they may simply have a direct complaint. In other words, many are coming to Twitter as a customer service resource. Ignoring questions and comments often results in a frustrated audience, regardless of how small and insignificant the comment may seem.

Follow others in the industry

Getting involved online with your industry is a way to expose your account to the industry. If you are an upcoming law firm, following other law firms in your area can be beneficial in brand strategy. Beyond following them, make sure to retweet and comment when the user provides beneficial, informative tweets for you and your audiences.

Have interesting and various content.

If your tweets are simply basic content every time you post, you may not generate much traffic. The most successful brands with Twitter accounts have retweeted others (but not too much), provided relevant links, included pictures and videos, etc. It’s acceptable to promote and advertise specials, but only once in a while. As previously mentioned, a stream of advertisements is considered clutter and often results in unfollows. Keep your tweets informative, interesting and engaging. Is it something you would retweet?