ACL Festival Marketing For Dummies (101): How To Promote

Katie Bower
Katie Bower in Marketing

There are countless opportunities for marketing campaigns at the 2015 Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out. Over 450,000 attendees show up every year, making ACL the most attended festival in the United States. Devising a marketing campaign at ACL this year can provide you a tremendous amount of brand exposure. ACL provides multiple outlets to set up shop, or sponsor the shows.

How can you take advantage of these marketing opportunities?


8 Ways To Creatively Inspire Yourself At Work

Katie Bower
Katie Bower in Design
At any sort of agency, whether its advertising, digital media, or design and development, originality is the ultimate goal. The pressure to produce authentic, creative work can weigh heavy on the shoulders of creators. Everyone experiences a creative mental block at least once in their career, and it is important to work through them and not allow it destroy your creative process. Check out these ways to get yourself out of the darkness to find your creative light.

Fahrenheit is a Clutch Choice for “Top Digital Marketing Agencies—Texas 2015”

Fahrenheit Marketing
Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

Fahrenheit is thrilled to announce that we’ve made Clutch’s list of “Top Digital Marketing Agencies—Texas 2015!” This ranking is a big deal to us and we are happy to be honored!

Clutch is a research and review firm that finds top-notch service and software firms in the technology and marketing industry. We’re listed in their online directory which has been incredibly helpful in meeting new and potential clients.


The Death of LOL, haha

Lucas Elliott
Lucas Elliott in Marketing

The status of “LOL” is not a laughing matter anymore. The status seems to have spiraled downhill for the aging acronym to the point where it is on the verge of obscurity. It might be because everyone has figured out that the other person on the other end isn’t laughing at all, or perhaps it was over used to fill out awkward pauses to the point of being meaningless. The new Facebook report shows only 1.9 percent of the users are LOLing. The majority of the LOL-ers are from the older demographic, which may be the cause of the vernacular shift. Let’s dig deeper into why a word that was once so popular, it became part of the Oxford English Dictionary is now seeing a decrease in usage.