Marketing Tool Profile: MailChimp

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At Fahrenheit Marketing we use many online marketing tools that help us get our clients the results they want. For example, when our clients want to use email marketing to contact their customers, we use MailChimp because it always gives us the results we need. 

Through MailChimp, we design email newsletters, send them out, share them on social networks and track our results. Email newsletters are another way to help our clients communicate with their customers and keep them connected to their businesses. Some of our favorite aspects of MailChimp are:

1. A/B Split Testing

We don’t just send out emails and hope they do their thing. We carefully try out different methods through A/B testing to determine what methods work best. For example, we can test what day of the week gets us better open rates, what time of day works best for each client’s content and what subject lines are most effective. After we setup a test, MailChimp runs it for us and sends us the results of which campaign worked the best so we can do it again.

2. Analytics

Once emails are sent, we use the reports feature to analyze the results. Through MailChimp’s interactive graphs we can tell how many emails were delivered, how many people opened them, what percentage clicked, and more. We also like the industry comparison feature that tells us how our campaigns are doing compared with competitors’ campaigns in our clients’ industries. This helps us see if what we are doing is effective or needs improvement.

3. Autoresponders

We like how autoresponders help readers feel special and as a result, improve their experience with our clients. Through events-based triggers, we can send out autoresponders to readers based on opens, clicks, purchases or any other trigger we choose. Then, the reader will get an email perhaps thanking them for making a recent appointment with our client, or sending them more information about links they commonly click on. 

We enjoy how email marketing helps us connect our clients with their customers in a personalized way and how we can convert those email clicks into dedicated fans. To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help your company, contact us today.

Austin Nonprofit in Need of New Website: Apply for FahrenGrant!

Fahrenheit Marketing
Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

We’re proud to announce the debut of the FahrenGrant, a grant for $50,000 worth of web design or app development for an Austin-based charity. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we want to design a high-quality, user-friendly website that turn clicks into support and awareness for your nonprofit.

Who Can Apply?

If you are a nonprofit of any kind — whether you help children, animals, promote the arts, conserve nature or more — feel free to apply. The only condition is that you are based in Austin, TX. 

How to Apply 

There are two simple steps to apply for FahrenGrant:

1. Link to our homepage 

To apply, just write a blog post on your website about why we should give you the grant, and put in a link to our home page.

2. Fill out the contact form

After you write a post and link to us, fill out the contact form on the FahrenGrant page to let us know where to find your link to us. 

How Do You Choose a Winner?

A winner will be picked by our staff based on:

  • applicant need
  • reach and focus of the applicant
  • and just how fun the project looks

The winner will be notified immediately after January 31, 2012. 

If you are an Austin-based nonprofit in need of a new website or you know one in need of one, apply for the FahrenGrant today. Once you apply, you are one step closer to a $50,000 website that draws in more donors, volunteers and support for your cause.

What is FahrenTrack?

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Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

According to a 2010 survey, 82 percent of Americans own a cell phone. That phone is used for going online, texting, taking photos, playing games and more, but research also said the average cell phone user still makes and receives around five calls a day.

As those cell phone users call your business, you could miss out if you don’t have a call-tracking system to gather vital customer data before potential clients hang up. This is why we created FahrenTrack™: a unique call-tracking service that turns your business phone number into a revolutionary lead generation and customer insight platform.

How FahrenTrack Works 

Through cost-effective FahrenTrack, you can accurately manage your search bids and boost conversion rates. In order to track your multiple campaigns, we assign each campaign a unique number that’s immediately ready to use — and if you want to keep your old business number, number porting is also available. 

Once customers call, a detailed report on the caller is sent to your email, providing you with:

  • The caller’s name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Time of call
  • Length of the call
  • A recording of the conversation

Recently, after one of our clients reviewed his call data, he cut promotions that received few calls and renewed campaigns with higher call volumes. By analyzing FahrenTrack data, he was able to reduce his annual marketing budget from $300,000 to $80,000.

Plus, managers can listen to conversations to determine how well employees are converting customers and how they can improve their skills. 

FahrenTrack Rates

You never have to worry about going over your minutes with FahrenTrack. All FahrenTrack packages include unlimited minutes and no overage rates. You pay a flat, affordable, monthly rate for every telephone line you wish to track for all inbound calls to your business.

To save money and gain more clients, contact us today to learn more about how FahrenTrack can help your business grow.

iPad Toys Christmas Wish List

Fahrenheit Marketing
Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

The team at Fahrenheit Marketing is all about techie gadgets. Especially for iPads, since our Web Application Developers love making apps for them and other mobile devices. As Christmas approaches, the iPad related Tech Toys we found on Wired’s Wish List caught our eye. Here are some we wish Santa would drop under our trees.


iDJ Pro from Numark

Our music lovers started drooling when they saw the iDJ Pro from Numark. Its site describes it as, “a professional DJ controller that expands your iPad’s touch interface, seamlessly integrating with Algoriddim’sdjay app to form a completely new DJ experience.” It’s perfect if you don’t have much room for a full set-up, but still want to DJ your party.


Leather Link iPad Stand

Its nice to have a sleek and modern iPad, but what’s even nicer is to give it a vintage feel. We loved how unique the Leather Link iPad stand is compared to most plastic or metal stands. Its made by hand in a New York belting factory from domestic, vegetable-tanned bridle leather. The links can be adjusted to hold an iPad in place vertically or horizontally.


Double Robot

This would be fun to get for our office when we want to talk to our contractors who work remotely. Its site says its the most elegant way to get somewhere without flying there. Through the robot you can dock an iPad on it, and it uses the tablet’s camera and display to serve as your eyes. So you can go to lunch with your co-workers, go to a faraway meeting, and attend a family reunion, without ever leaving your house.

To learn more about Fahrenheit Marketing’s mobile app development, contact us today.

What Fahrenheiters Are Thankful For

Fahrenheit Marketing
Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

The Fahrenheit Marketing family can’t wait for tomorrow and eating to our hearts’ content with friends and family. But of course Thanksgiving is more than just filling up on favorite holiday food that only comes around once a year. 

It’s also about spending time reconnecting with family and friends, and giving thanks together. So to help you get to know the Fahrenheit family more, we want to invite you to our holiday table as we each share a few things we are thankful for.

Ricardo, our CEO, is thankful…

  • that Fahrenheit Marketing is thriving and growing due to exceptional customer service and solid results.
  • for my beautiful wife.
  • for my adorable four children.
  • for my church family.

Jacob, our CTO, is thankful that…

  • IE7+IE6 market share has dropped below 1.5% in the U.S.
  • Louis Hamilton won the first U.S. Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.
  • my wonderful wife is making carrot cake for Thanksgiving dinner.

Brian Yom, our Creative Director, is thankful…

  • for my recent marriage.
  • that Fahrenheit’s business is growing. 
  • for a good working environment.
  • to God that I can see, hear, feel and breathe today.

Donna, our Human Resources Manager, is thankful for…

  • many blessings great and small.
  • my husband.
  • the friendly and fantastic marketing geniuses at Fahrenheit Marketing who teach me something new every day! 

Garrett, our Account Executive, is thankful…

  • to live in one of the friendliest cities in the world.
  • to work with such a diverse team of talented, down-to-earth folks.
  • for my mom, who I get to see over Thanksgiving for the first time since last Christmas, yay!

Zane, our SEO Specialist, is thankful…

  • that I married my best friend this year.
  • that my Aggies beat Bama.
  • for Google Webmaster Tools.

Brian Gumz, our Content Strategist, is thankful that…

  • my family is coming to Austin for Thanksgiving. (We’re all walking the Turkey Trot together!)
  • my dog is coming down to Austin for Thanksgiving too. (She’s not walking the Turkey Trot though.)
  • Justin and Selena are still together. (I’ve been stressing about it since Friday.)

Julianne, our Public Relations Specialist, is thankful…

  • that my parents and grandparents are coming to Austin for Thanksgiving this year, saving me an eight-hour drive in my almost-too-old-for-trips-like-these 4Runner.
  • for the adventures I get to look forward to in 2013.
  • that our clients are always innovating, which leaves me with an abundance of news to share through our public relations syndication services.

Esther, one of our Content Developers, is thankful for…

  • my loving husband (of almost five months!).
  • getting to meet new babies at my family’s Thanksgiving celebration.
  • a boss who also happens to be a renowned “thumbpapologist” (at least in Brazil…).

Ben, our Web Developer, is thankful for:

  • being back in Texas and finally about to get my dog back.
  • awesome developer tools: Chrome + Sublime Text 2 + Grunt.js + Bootstrap.
  • cheese.

Richard, one of our Content Developers, is thankful that…

  • I get to see my family this Thanksgiving.
  • so many members of aforementioned family are excellent cooks.
  • I have the opportunity to write quality content for Austin Web Design and SEO agency Fahrenheit Marketing. 

Patrick, our Web Application Developer, is thankful… 

  • for good coffee.
  • that Google’s new Nexus 4s are going to be raising the percentage of mobile internet browsers.
  • for good piano music.

Sherri, one of our Content Developers, is thankful…

  • that writing solid content is our SEO strategy rather than keyword stuffing.
  • for my adorable two-month-old son Rocco.
  • that my amazing Thai husband will become an American citizen in a few months.

To get to know our Fahrenheit family even more and learn how we can use our array of talents to help your company, contact us today.