Follow Friday: Top Copywriters

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In this week’s Follow Friday series, we are sharing some of the top copywriters we follow and constantly learn from.

1. Drayton Bird @DraytonBird

Drayton Bird has been lauded as the UK’s number one copywriter. His book, Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing, has been the UK’s best seller on the subject every year since 1982. He has worked for companies such as American Express, British Airways and IBM. We enjoy getting tips from his popular “bird dropping” tweets.

2. Bob Bly @Robertbly

Bob Bly has been a freelance copywriter for 30 years, was dubbed “America’s top copywriter” by McGraw-Hill and praised by legendary ad man David Ogilvy. We are constantly learning through his blog posts and tweets about how we can make our writing even more powerful.

3. Steve Slaunwhite @steveslaunwhite

Steve has written for big name companies like Hewlett-Packard, UPS and Forbes, but now devotes most of his time to helping small business owners fulfill their dreams. He has written many helpful books like The Everything Guide to Writing Copy. He is also a popular marketing coach, so we always learn something new through reading his blog posts.

4. Kristi Hines @kikolani

Kristi is a professional blogger, freelance writer and social media enthusiast who has an audience of around 50,000 fans and followers. She writes for one of our favorite publications, Search Engine Watch. She always shares great marketing article links on her Twitter stream.

5. Valeria Maltoni @ConversationAge

Valeria has 20 years’ experience consulting to Fortune 500 and fast growth organizations on how to drive business results. Since 2006, Valeria’s blog Conversation Agent has been ranked among the top 30 marketing blogs in the world on AdAge Power150. We enjoy reading her posts and soaking up her marketing knowledge.

Our copywriters learn from the best. If you would like to know more about our expert content development, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.

13 Ideas for A/B Testing Your Site

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We’ve shared before about the importance of A/B testing and given some testing tips. But if you feel like you are running out of ideas of what to test on your site, here are 13 different ways to do A/B testing that will help you convert clicks into customers.

1. Social Sharing

You may have an array of social sharing buttons on your site because everyone else does too. But if your social buttons clutter your page and aren’t being used, why have them there? Try testing various buttons, the size of them and where they should be on your page.

2. Mobile Optimization

Since your site will show up on a mobile device, it’s important to optimize the mobile site. Test components like withholding information or showing more, and the best way to portray your image galleries.

3. Font Choice

If you have used the same font for awhile, try testing new ones. Web designers can create ones that may even load faster than traditional ones. Also test font sizes to see if bigger or smaller fonts have an impact on converting visitors into customers.

4. Menus

Try testing out various drop-down menus with different columns and styles of organization.

5. Content

If you have been using a very friendly tone in your writing, try for a more professional voice or vice versa to see which connects more with your users. Try testing content that is SEO-based vs. human readable content.

6. Images

Try animations vs. photos, or different types of people or settings to determine which works best.

7. Trust Logos

If your company has won awards, don’t just assume those logos will draw in customers. Test out which ones are best to highlight.

8. Color

The background and text colors can have a huge impact on readers. Try testing bright vs. dark or various color contrasts.

9. Text

Try out long vs. short text, bullets vs. number lists and having text in one area vs. removing it.

10. Social Proof

Testimonials are important, but it’s also key to know how you can use them to best connect with readers. Try testing case studies against text testimonials or video testimonials. Test the length of them and how many are displayed at one time.

11. Pricing

It’s always hard to set the perfect price, so A/B testing is a great way to see if a higher or lower price is better. Or even test $79.99 vs. $79 to see which gets more clicks.

12. Headlines

Try shorter headlines vs. longer headlines, using different styling, font sizes and placing headlines in different areas of the page.

13. Call to Action Buttons

It is vital to test call to action buttons since getting your customer to this point is the goal of the site. Try testing the text, shape, size and color of the button, the button’s location and having more than one call to action vs. just having one.

To learn more about A/B testing and how Fahrenheit Marketing can help your company, contact us today.

5 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Headlines

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Did you know that on average eight out of 10 people will read a headline, but only two out of 10 will read the rest of the article?

This means copywriters must always strive to write the most attention-grabbing headlines possible. Here are five tips we’ve learned to write headlines that draw readers into our writing and keep them there:

1. The How-To Headline

Most people are searching online to figure out how to do something, like how to write amazing headlines. Writing “How To” in your headline appeals to a reader’s instinct to improve themselves. But make sure your headline highlights the benefit, such as “How to Write a Headline that Brings in Readers” instead of “How to Write a Headline.” Highlighting the benefit will help your readers connect with the story.

2. The Numbered Headline

We all like the quick way to success. Using numbers in your headlines helps readers see how simple it is to achieve what they are looking for. It also offers bite-sized content that gets to the point fast, so readers don’t have to spend much time to find what they are looking for.

3. The Question Headline

Questions make people curious, especially if they connect with the question or want to know the answer to it. Such as, “Is He Really Into You? Find Out Here.” or “Do You Ever Feel ‘Mom Guilt’?” Make sure your question is not random, but instead relates directly with the product you are trying to promote.

4. The Useful Information Headline

Readers want to know not just information, but how they can use the information to advance themselves in society and bring more order their lives. Using phrases like “The Secret to,” “Tips for,” “Rules on,” “The Best System for,” “The Guide to” and more connects with readers because they want ways to make their lives better.

5. The Testimonial Headline

Your customers like to know what others think about your products. That is why the customer reviews on sites like Yelp can make or break some companies. Using testimonials in your headline such as “The Johnson Law Firm Helped Me Win $40,000 in My Lawsuit” or “I Love Alroy Mak’s Pad Thai. It’s the Best in Austin!” share specific endorsements and relate to the reader why he or she should care about your company.

To learn more about Fahrenheit Marketing and how our exceptional content development can help your company, contact us today.

Fahrenheit’s Five Most Popular Posts of 2012

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As we look back on 2012, we wanted to highlight our most popular blog posts. It’s been an eventful year in online marketing, and our most read posts highlight some of 2012’s biggest happenings:

1. Privacy and Duck Duck Go

Google’s personalized search results were in the news a lot this year. Our most popular post discusses how to combat Google’s personalized search results. The search engine Duck Duck Go doesn’t filter search results based on previous searches. It’s ideal for those who want to keep their online presence anonymous or have unbiased search results.

2. What Google Search and the Apollo Moon Mission Have in Common

After Neil Armstrong passed away this year, Google published a blog post looking back on how computing has changed since those days when Armstrong walked on the moon. It shares that Google uses the same computing power it took to do the entire Apollo Moon Mission program in order to answer one search query.

3. Google Glasses: Changing How We See Advertising

These hi-tech glasses are going to be available in a few months to select developers. They created quite a stir this year concerning how they will impact privacy standards and advertising. We are eager to see how they will affect online advertising once they hit the market in 2013.

4. Content Curation: The SEO Benefits

Since good content is key to going up in SERPs, we shared about content curation and how it helps with SEO. Through content curation, one can find ideas for blog posts about tricky topics and build relationships with others in the the industry.

5. Three-Way Battle: Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive

This year Google released Google Drive, which our team now uses everyday to share content with each other. But Dropbox and SkyDrive are also file-sharing services that Google Drive competes with and each product has its own benefits.

We are eager to see how online marketing will change and grow in this upcoming year. To learn more about our services and how Fahrenheit Marketing can help you in 2013, contact us today.

Why does Fahrenheit do Online PR?

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2012 was a big year for Fahrenheit Marketing—for one we started our online public relations service. To learn more about why we began a focus on online PR, we asked our Public Relations Specialist Julianne Coyne to tell us more about it.

What is online PR?

We use the term online PR to describe the intersection of public relations and search engine optimization. The biggest part of this is writing news releases that are syndicated across hundreds of websites, including Yahoo! News, the San Antonio Express News, the Houston Chronicle and more.

Our online PR services also include monitoring every online mention of our clients, tracking sentiment and watching for opportunities for our clients to comment on stories written by reporters and bloggers throughout the United States.

How does online PR help our clients?

Online PR does so much for our clients:

  • Our news releases help spread the positive news that our clients have to share.
  • By syndicating newsworthy content that people want to read, we create powerful backlinks that boost our clients’ sites in search results.
  • When a potential client is searching for our client — whether by using the client’s name or by searching for a more generic term like “Austin personal injury attorney” — these news releases can show up in the search results and help our clients land more customers.
  • By monitoring the mentions of our clients’ names, we’re able to detect any potential public relations problems before they begin.

What kind of things do you write about for our clients?

It’s something new every day. In the past few weeks, I’ve written about:

  • Specials our clients are offering
  • Lawsuits our clients have filed, settled or won
  • The $50,000 Web design grant Fahrenheit is offering to one lucky Austin charity
  • The charitable contributions of one of our clients
  • The launch of a client’s new website

And so much more. We produce around 30 news releases each month for our clients. When a client has news to share, I’ll write about it.

Do you have any PR client success stories to share?

Our news releases almost always feel like a success to me. I’m constantly checking the reports that our syndication service provides to us, and it’s rewarding to see how many people read the releases that I’ve written. Usually, readers click the links in the news release and contact our clients through their websites, but about once a month a reader sees my phone number and calls me to learn more or schedule an appointment. It always makes me happy to know when something I wrote stirred someone to action.

Earlier this year, one of our clients, Carl Barry of the Barry Law Group, filed a lawsuit against a drunk driver and the two bars that allegedly over-served her before she got in her car and struck a 13-year-old girl. He and his partner, Brett Burlison, asked me for help earning media coverage of this case.

A few different local news outlets covered the case, and a video of the story Fox 7 aired is on the Barry Law Group website right now. It felt great to know that the time I spent contacting media outlets helped them tell their client’s story.

To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help your company through online PR, contact us today.