Fahrenheit Tool Profile: SEOmoz

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An online marketing tool we couldn’t live without is SEOmoz. We use it everyday to keep track of how our clients are doing and how we can help them convert even more clicks into customers. Here are the three reasons we love SEOmoz so much:

Weekly Crawls and Rank Tracking

Since we have a wide-range of clients, we need to make sure we are giving valuable time to each one. SEOmoz helps us do that by crawling all our clients sites and making us aware of any issues that might affect each client’s performance. It also keeps track of keyword ranking for each client so we can quickly know if we need to change things or keep them going.

Open Site Explorer

Through this feature, we gain access to a proprietary Web index of over 9.2 trillion links. This link data helps us find powerful links, compare and analyze domains and anchor text. We discover which links would push our clients higher in the search engine results — resulting in more engagement and conversions.

Keyword Difficulty

To help guide the focus of our content, we love to use the keyword difficulty tool. We use it to do in-depth research on the current keywords that impact our clients. This feature also helps us see which of our clients’ pages are ranking the best, so we can adjust our content strategy to fit their goals.

Not only do SEOmoz tools help us help our clients, but we also savor reading SEOmoz blog and catching up on SEO news that can help us convert clicks into customers for our clients. To learn more about our conversion strategies, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.

3 Tips on Using Social Media Contests to Boost Engagement

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We all like to try to win prizes, especially if it’s simple to enter and there’s a chance to win something awesome. That’s why social media contests are a popular method to boost your social engagement. But social media contests aren’t as simple as they appear, and should have a strong strategy behind them. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips:

1. Set a clear, specific goal.

Your goal through your contest shouldn’t be just to get a certain number of likes or followers. It doesn’t help if you have more fans, but your company hasn’t grown its community or revenue. Try to set a goal that will help your company more directly, such as doing research. If you are a dentist and want to see what kind of people like teeth whitening, offer a free whitening for those who like your page and see who enters.

2. Follow the rules.

Many aren’t aware that Facebook and Twitter have strict guidelines when it comes to running contests. If you don’t follow the rules, your company could be penalized. Try to use third-party apps to do your contests on Facebook, which will help you avoid breaking Facebook policies, and read The Twitter Rules before starting your promotion.

3. Choose a prize that relates to your company.

It can be tempting to offer prizes like iPads since most people want one. But that doesn’t help you with your target goal of reaching your specific audience. Try to offer prizes that relate to your business that your ideal customer would want. It’s cheaper, and it helps build up your target customer base. Or you can even offer prizes that won’t cost you anything. For example, some companies let their fans give ideas for a new flavor of chips or suggest a name for a new menu item.

If you would like to learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing converts likes into fervent fans, contact us today.

How Your Site Speed Impacts Everything

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Most of us don’t like to wait: in lines at the grocery store, for our food to come at a restaurant, at the doctor’s office, to go online until after we stop driving — and we really don’t like to wait half a second longer for a website to load. If we do, we leave.

A recent Copyblogger article shared that when Google tested displaying 30 search results per page instead of 10, its traffic dropped by 20 percent because the page load took half a second longer to load. Amazon also experienced a drop in revenue and traffic when its site had a fraction of a second delay.

Google has shared that your site speed is one of the factors that determines your search ranking. Your site speed affects your page views, conversions, bounce rate, revenue and more. 

So if you feel like your have a hip website with strong content, but aren’t converting your customers, check your speed. A tool we love is Google PageSpeed Insights. If you feel like your site could be faster, but don’t know what’s slowing it down, here’s what to consider:

  • Choose a good server: Hosting with a professional configuration will usually give you a faster site. Paying a little extra for a host that you know you can rely on is worth it once your revenue grows as your site speeds up.
  • Large images: The larger your images are, the longer it will take your page to load. Try to keep your bigger images to a minimum. 
  • Design theme: Some themes are quicker than others. Make sure your framework isn’t slowing you down.
  • Too many ads: The more traffic you get, the more ads you want to showcase. But if too many ads are slowing down your site, you are losing money. Be wise about which ads you choose so you don’t overload your page.

If you need a faster website to convert more customers, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.

Fahrenheit Employee Profile: Julianne Coyne

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Next up in our Fahrenheit Marketing employee profile series is our Public Relations Specialist, Julianne. She spends her days helping the world see how amazing our clients are through press releases and more. Learn how she grew up with a passion for PR and UT football and why she loves working for our clients:

Where are you from?

Amarillo, Texas. It’s a town of about 250,000 in the Texas panhandle.

How did you first become interested in PR?

My mother is an advertising executive for an international communications agency. Before I even started school, I was learning from her and her coworkers, and I loved it. When all of the other kids were wanting to be princesses and ballerinas when they grew up, I knew I wanted to write and help companies get new customers. 

Around age eight, I learned that companies call that public relations. From that point on, I knew for sure that I was going to be in public relations. I was fairly single-minded about it — almost everything I did was to prepare myself to be an excellent public relations consultant.

Why did you choose to go to UT? 

I’ve been a Longhorn all my life. One of my uncles played football under Darrel K. Royal at UT, and I grew up cheering for the ‘Horns every Saturday and loving everything the University stood for.

What was your major, and why did you chose to study that?

When I realized I wanted to be in public relations, where I was going to college became simple. UT has one of the best public relations degree programs in the nation, and I had prepaid tuition at any public college or university in the state thanks to my grandparents and the Texas Tomorrow prepaid tuition plan. Attending UT gave me the best of all worlds — I got to study the career I’m passionate about, go to every UT home football game and live in a city I love.

What do you enjoy most about PR?

I love coming up with creative ways of getting our clients’ messages to their customers.

What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?

Exploring the amazing restaurants Austin has to offer. There’s so much good food here and so many creative chefs.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I own four pairs of cowboy boots. Most people who meet me don’t even think I’m from Texas — I don’t have that obvious accent, and I wear dresses more than I wear jeans, but I love my cowboy boots.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Yellowknife, Canada. I decided yesterday that I want to see the Northern Lights in 2013, and Yellowknife is consistently listed as one of the best places to go if you want to see the Lights.

Julianne is just one of the many talented members of the Fahrenheit team. To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can use our variety of skills to help you, contact us today.

Google: No we did not kill a donkey in Botswana

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After fending off an anti-competition investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, Google might’ve thought it was in the clear. But for a company this big and with this many customers, controversy is never far away.

Internet users and news media have accused the company of killing an innocent donkey in the Kweneng region of Botswana. Their evidence? A snap shot from Street View in which the donkey appears to be laying prostrate in the road after being hit by a Street View vehicle.

Google was quick to respond to the outrage with a blog post.

“Because of the way our 360-degree imagery is put together it looked to some that our car had been involved in an unseemly hit and run, leaving the humble beast stranded in the road.”

The donkey, says Google, was taking a “dust bath” when the car rumbled up and moved to the side of the road as the car passed. Further images, such as the one to the right, support their claim and show the donkey standing up apparently unscathed.

“I am pleased to confirm that the donkey is alive and well,” wrote Kei Kawai, group project manager of Google maps and author of the post.

Though Google’s competitors say the search giant has many sins on its hands, killing a donkey in Botswana is apparently not one of them.