Design for User Experience

Keila White
Keila White in Design

Information is the lifeblood of design. Without information, design is useless. Web users do not spend as much time focusing on fonts and colors as designers would like to believe. They want information.

Fellow designers, I am with you; I die a little when good companies use inefficient typography. If design is not about about aesthetics, what is keeping designers from living a life on the run and becoming design vigilantes? Kerning for justice in the face of ugliness?

I’ll admit this approach is drastic. So before you go out and buy a cape, try this approach – focus on user experience.  Before focusing on aesthetic elements, do your research. Utilize problem solving skills to accomplish goals, give users what they need, and organize information effectively.


The Marketing of You

Adriana Thompson
Adriana Thompson in Marketing

Marketing is everywhere. From the time we wake up and enjoy our first cup of Folger’s coffee to the time we brush our teeth with Colgate Optic White toothpaste and hop into our Tempurpedic bed, we are delivered thousands of messages from thousands of brands.

A brand sets a product or service apart from another product or service, or one person from another person. That’s right, we’re talking about personal branding. Remember, marketing is everywhere.

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

We can then define personal branding as “the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging your personal skills and experience that have value for employers, coworkers, clients, partners, and society at large.”


Marketing & Sales: A Love Affair

Tiffanie Wichman
Tiffanie Wichman in Marketing

The longest lasting love affair is the romantic relationship between marketing and sales. These two peas in a pod rely heavily on each other for results. Marketing creates the channels for sales to obtain leads and conversions. Whereas sales communicates statistics back to marketing, letting them know the needs and wants of the consumers in order to better market the services/products that align with their needs. Just like in any relationship, the two should serve and support each other, and as you’ll see marketing and sales do this through many facets.


Marketing to Me (A Millennial) is Hard. Learn Why.

Tiffanie Wichman
Tiffanie Wichman in Marketing

Ever wonder why it’s hard to market to the millennial generation? Discover some key insights from your very own millennial living, working, and breathing in the marketing industry.

Give Me Stuff to Interact with!

As a millennial, growing up in the generation of emerging technology, my attention span is short. Research shows that i am exposed to over 2,000 ad messages per day, and that number will only continue to increase in 2016. The only way to reach me as a consumer is to engage with me, not flash messages at me. Give me a quality video to watch, an enticing quiz to take, or a few photos to gawk at with the rest of your message. Essentially, meet me where i am and don’t show me messages that aren’t relevant to me…in my opinion that is wasted money. Do a little consumer research before you start advertising.


Google Hangouts for Businesses: How to Maximize Usage Potential

Alexandria Reid
Alexandria Reid in Marketing

We are living in a digital era, where methods of communication seem limitless and everything you need is quite literally at your fingertips. So, why is it that many businesses live in the age of darkness rather than embrace the efficiency that technology can bring to a company? Today’s post will uncover how to use Google Hangouts to maximize your business’ efficiency in-house, keep in touch with clients, and create promotional content.

What is Google Hangouts?


If you are still unsure as to what exactly Google Hangouts is, don’t fret. It’s still a fairly new platform, and many people are unaware of its application. Google Hangouts is essentially a communication platform that allows users to chat one-on-one, in groups, and using video or audio calls. It allows for seamless communication all from your phone, tablet or laptop.