4 Dental Website Factors that Increase Conversions

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Many of our clients are dentists, and over the years we have discovered what is vital for our dental clients’ websites to increase their conversions. To help you learn from our experience, here are four important factors to have on your dental website to increase conversions:

  • Post a picture of the dentist on the front page: Many people fear going to the dentist, so you need to show on your dental website that your dentist is professional and caring — not scary. Through posting a friendly photo of the dentist on the front page, the patient can immediately feel like they’ve met the dentist and feel at ease about calling for an appointment.
  • Sharing videos or other testimonials on the dental website: Another way to dispel dental fear is to show a video of the dentist, or of patients who have had a great experience with the dentist. Most people chose dentists based on recommendations from friends, family or online reviewers. A testimonial page is the perfect way to show patients that they can trust your dentist to give them quality care.
  • Badges of the dentist’s certifications: To show your dentist’s credibility, it’s important to highlight your dentist’s variety of certifications and dental association memberships. When potential patients look at their badges, they will immediately see that your office is backed by organizations that prove you are trustworthy.
  • Listing press mentions: Another way to show that your dentist can be trusted is to create a press page to highlight when your dentist has been mentioned in the press. Patients can see others share about how the dentist helps the community, attended a recent seminar, expanded their facility and more.

We have helped many of our dental clients convert clicks into solid clients. If you would like to learn more about our online marketing services, contact us today and set up your consultation.

The Power of Twitter

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If your company is wondering if it’s worth it to keep up with your Twitter account, this story might convince you to devote even more time to it.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked into, and a tweet was sent that said, “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.”

After the tweet was sent out, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged. The Dow was at 14,698 when the fake tweet was shared. Within two minutes, the Dow had dropped 127 points and fallen into the red, WSJ.com said. Bloomberg added Twitter to its stock dashboards for stock traders months ago, and market experts say close tracking of social media has become the norm in trading.

The Syrian Electronic Army has taken credit for the incident, announcing its ties via Twitter, along with the hashtag #ByeByeObama. FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer said the bureau was investigating how hackers were able to send out the bogus tweets.

On Saturday, social media accounts maintained by CBS News programs “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours” were compromised. The Syrian Electronic Army also claimed responsibility for some of these hacks on their own Twitter account.

Twitter says they will be adding two-factor authentication to make these hack attempts almost impossible.

This reminds us that whatever you share on Twitter can spread like wildfire and impact the world, for better or for worse. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we help our clients use the power of social media to convert clicks into customers. If you would like to learn more about our social media services, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.

10 Books to Read to Sharpen Your SEO Skills

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There are hundreds of SEO articles all over the Web, but sometimes if you really want to learn more, the best way is to grab a great SEO book, settle down in your favorite chair and dig in. Here are the top 10 books on SEO that we recommend:

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization

by Eric Enge, Stephen Spencer, Rand Fishkin and Jessica Stricchiolia

This is one of the most talked about and detailed books on SEO right now. The authors are all industry experts, so you know its 500 pages are full of solid and tested SEO theories and tactics.

SEO Fitness Workbook

by Jason McDonald

If you want to take an SEO class from home, this is one of your best options. McDonald is a great SEO teacher, and this workbook is full of worksheets and SEO tools that will help you guide your company to the top of Google.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

by Danny Dover and Erik Dafforn

This book is written by the former head of SEO at SEOmoz, so it’s packed with more advanced SEO tactics that are used by some of the best SEO professionals in the industry.

The Link Building Book

by Paddy Moogan

For everyone from SEO beginners to advanced SEO gurus, this book has link building ideas for everyone. It has great tips for how to build a strong link-building campaign for your company and how to maintain it.

Conversation Marketing: Internet Marketing Strategies

by Ian Lurie

As you read this book, you feel like you are having an entertaining chat with a helpful friend who knows everything about SEO. Through his short and sweet book, Lurie helps you see Internet marketing in a new way and find SEO strategies that really work.

Own Your Own Niche

by Stephanie Chandler

If you are in a niche industry, this book will help you make the most of it. You will learn not only SEO secrets for your inbound marketing campaign, but also how to tie in all the other facets of online marketing.

Marketing in the Age of Google

by Vanessa Fox

This book is by Vanessa Fox, who created Google Webmaster Central. She explains through her Google perspective about how search rankings work and how to use search to better understand your customers, so you can have more conversions.

50 SEO Ideas: Free Tips, Secrets and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization

by Jason McDonald

Instead of filling your head with technical SEO jargon, this book gives you 50 practical ways of applying SEO to attract new customers to your business.

SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros

by Phil Bryne

The best online marketing strategies are now content-based, but content writers can’t leave SEO behind. This author has been in the marketing game for more than 15 years and shows how search engine rankings now favor good writing and how to use that to your advantage.

SEO Made Simple

by Michael Fleischner

This is one of the leading SEO books of the day and helps you get ahead of any of Google’s updates, so you can keep moving to the top of search engine results.

Fahrenheit Marketing keeps up with SEO trends so we can help our clients convert more clicks into customers. To learn more about our SEO strategies, contact us today and set up your consultation.

How to Design your App Icon

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There are more than 2 million mobile apps and more are being created everyday. Since there are so many apps available, you have to make sure yours will stand out from the rest. A great way to ensure that your application is downloaded from an app store is to have a high-quality app icon design. Here are four tips on how to design your mobile app icon:

  • Avoid using words: An icon is a visual representation of your app, which is why you should use images instead of words on your app. Your icon will always be shown with the name of the application, so you don’t have to worry about viewers not knowing what it is. We recommend using visual metaphors to help people tell what your app is without words.
  • Keep it simple: Try to think about the main focus of your app, and let your icon illustrate that, since your message will speak louder if you have less noise in your icon. Even though your concept should be simple, it doesn’t have to be boring. Use design tools and details to show that effort and thought went into your icon.
  • Make sure your icon relates to your app: If you have an awesome icon, but you don’t deliver what the icon promised, your users aren’t going to be happy. If you have a high-quality icon, make sure you have an amazing mobile application to back it up. One way to help connect your mobile app back to your icon is to use the same graphics in your icon that are used in your app.
  • Stand out from your competition: Since there are millions of apps, there are probably some out there that are similar to yours. Take a look at those apps and see how you can make yours unique. Choose to highlight the special aspect of your service that your other competitors don’t have and go from there.

Our Fahrenheit Marketing Web developers know what it takes to create an app that will convert clicks into customers. Contact us today and set up a consultation to learn more about our Web development services.


4 SEO Considerations When Doing a Website Redesign

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It’s fun to have a redesigned website that wows your viewers — but that shouldn’t be your main goal. The point of your website redesign should be to convert more of your viewers into dedicated customers. As you start the process of redesigning your company’s website, make sure you keep these four SEO considerations in mind to prevent your traffic from dropping:

  • Maintain your ranking: During a website redesign, it’s easy to lose ranking for keywords you are already doing great on if you don’t focus on those keywords during the redesign. When doing content creation for your new website, find out what keywords you rank for now, and those you want to rank for, and let that guide your content.
  • Keep your links: If you don’t remap the inbound links pointing to your old site to your new one, you’ll lose those hard-earned links. Take the time to redirect links to your new pages, so you don’t miss out on your valuable inbound links.
  • Avoid duplicate content: When redesigning your website, make sure you don’t repeat the same content on different pages. If you have duplicate content, search engines won’t know which page to focus on, and you could miss out on getting traffic to the page you want.
  • Test, test, test: Before launching your new website, don’t make the easy mistake of not testing your new site enough. Also, make sure the Web developers test it on a staging site, so it doesn’t crash at launch. At Fahrenheit Marketing, before launching any client’s site, we always make sure everyone on our team analyzes it to see if anyone missed anything.

We know what it takes to redesign a website that will convert clicks into customers. If you are in need of a website redesign, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today and set-up your consultation.