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Our Web developers are always staying up-to-date with Web development trends to better serve our clients. Twitter is one of their favorite ways to learn from and connect with Web developers from around the world. Here are the top four Web developers our developers follow:

Leah Culver @leahculver

In a male-dominated coding world, Leah Culver breaks the stereotype with pizzazz. She is an iOS/Python developer and the product director at Sincerely, Inc., which builds mobile apps for making the world a more thoughtful place. She has co-authored both the OAuth and OEmbed open API specifications.

Jeff Atwood @codinghorror

Our developers love Jeff Atwood’s blog, Coding Horror, where he shares his insights on programming. This year, Jeff announced his new company, Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc, whose flagship product is an open-source, next-generation discussion platform called Discourse.

Mark Otto @mdo

Mark is a brilliant GitHub designer and one of the creators of Bootstrap, a front-end Web app development toolkit. He used to work at Twitter before deciding to focus on Bootstrap and GitHub full-time.

Paul Irish @paul_irish

Paul says, “I make the www fun,” and wants to make the Web as compelling as possible. He is a front-end developer on Google Chrome’s Developer Relations team, and was on the jQuery Team for two years.

Through keeping up with the ever-changing Web development industry, Fahrenheit Marketing’s Web developers transform clicks into customers for our clients. To learn more about our Web development services, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today and set-up your consultation.

4 Reasons Why We Love to Use WordPress

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Our Web developers are always hard at work developing unique sites that lead to conversions for our clients. But even though each site has its own personality, the platform we use to make most of our sites is WordPress. Why do we choose WordPress over other platforms? Here are our top four reasons why we are in love with WordPress:

  • Google loves WordPress, too: Google treats WordPress sites nicely, which means if you have a WordPress site, it’s more likely you will show up higher in search engine results. The main reason WordPress sites do well in Google is that they have great SEO plugins and permalinks.
  • Free and open-source: According to WordPress stats, there are around 63,395,115 WordPress sites in the world. One big reason so many use WordPress is that it’s free. Many programs claim to be free, but once you reach a limit, you have to pay to keep using it. WordPress is no cost with no strings attached.
  • A plethora of plugins: WordPress offers around 24,259 plugins, and it’s easy to find what you are looking for in WordPress’ vast directory of plugins. The plugins usually take only one-click to install, and you can always find something that meets your website’s needs.
  • CMS Integration: We love WordPress’ content management integration. That means any of our clients can easily update or change their website without knowing an iota of code. WordPress’ fluid, simple design empowers our clients to provide fresh content to their customers, which keeps their customers connected and their sites search engine friendly.

WordPress is one of our favorite online marketing to help us convert clicks into customers. To learn more about our digital marketing services, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today and set up your consultation.

How to Design Your Email Marketing For Conversions

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Email marketing is a smart way to advertise since it’s so cost-effective and personal. But if you have a brilliant email marketing campaign and aren’t seeing the conversions you want, try checking out your email design, which plays a huge part in conversions. To help you out, here are five tips on how to design your email marketing for conversions:

  • Color: To get an emotional response from your email viewers, try using different color schemes. Orange helps generate positive feelings, so it’s a great color to use for your calls to action. To help your calls to action stand out, apply a single color to the whole page, and then make your call to action a contrasting color, which makes it pop off the page.
  • Room to breathe: Many emails are so jam-packed with information, it’s hard for the reader to figure out what’s most important. Put enough blank space around your call to action that readers can easily identify what you want them to do.
  • Guide attention: When writing your emails, use arrows to guide the readers’ eyes to the most important information. Try out arrows of unique shapes to catch the eye even more and help direct attention, or use a path of arrows that guide your readers to the call to action.
  • Surprise: Readers are so used to knowing exactly where ads or calls to action are placed on a page that they avoid looking at them without thinking. Try to catch your reader off-guard by placing an ad in an unusual place or making your call to action a unique shape or color scheme that can’t be missed.
  • Made you look: Whenever we see someone fixated on something, it makes us want to look, too. You can be creative with your emails through adding images of animals or people looking at your call to action, and, through the power of curiosity, your viewer will look too.

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we design all of our clients’ emails, websites and mobile apps with the goal of converting clicks into customers. To learn more about our online marketing services, contact us today and set up your consultation.

How Pictures Affect a Site’s Performance

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If you are looking for one more way to move up in the search engine results pages, check out the pictures on your site. Site speed is one factor Google looks at when ranking your page, and pictures can sometimes slow it down if they aren’t optimized. Plus, your pictures can carry great SEO value if used correctly. Here are some tips for optimizing the pictures on your site for search engines:

  • Re-size pictures before uploading them: Sometimes when pictures are uploaded to a website, they are uploaded as their full size and then reduced to thumbnail, medium or large. But by uploading a full-size picture, you are saving that big file onto your site. Those large files will eventually build up, take up room and slow down your site’s speed. To resize images before uploading them to your site, check out free online tools like Image Optimizer.
  • SEO your pictures: Once you upload a photo, you can give it a title and add alt text. These two options, if used effectively, can help your site’s search rankings. To help Google’s search engine spiders, which can’t see the image, use the keyword-rich descriptions you want to rank for to describe your images.
  • Use captions: Many don’t worry about captions on photos since it doesn’t directly affect search engine ranking, but captions can affect bounce rate. When people look at an image, their eyes naturally drift down. Studies have shown that up to twice as many people read captions as body copy. So if you have an eye-catching caption under your photo, you are more likely to keep your readers’ attention and convert them.

The Fahrenheit Marketing team makes sure every aspect of our clients’ sites are optimized to help convert clicks into customers. To learn more about our online marketing services, contact us today and set up your consultation.

4 Reasons Why HTML 5 is Better than Flash

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As the Web development industry evolves, more and more are leaving Flash development and turning instead to HTML5. But many resist switching to HTML5 because they feel more comfortable using Flash. To help you better understand the benefits of HTML5, here are the top four reasons we think HTML5 is better than Flash:

  • Super Mobile-Friendly: This year, it’s estimated that mobile use will surpass desktop use. In order to not miss out on conversions, every website should have a strong mobile presence. HTML5 is the most mobile-ready tool for developing mobile sites and apps. Mobile browsers have fully adopted HTML5, so creating mobile-ready projects is simple.
  • Cross-Browser Support: It’s very frustrating to build a beautiful website, and then have it not show up properly on certain browsers. With HTML5, you never have to worry about that because all modern browsers support HTML5.
  • Better Storage: HTML5 allows for storage across multiple windows, has better security and retains data even after closing a browser. Local storage is one of the HTML5 tools that make Web apps possible without third party plugins. Through storing data in the user’s browser, you can easily create app features like:
    • storing user information
    • caching data
    • loading the user’s previous application state
  • Improved Interactions: Through HTML5, you can build responsive websites that connect with the viewer. For example, in this dynamic website built in HTML5, you are drawn into the website and become part of the story as it unfolds while you scroll.

Our teams stay on top of the Web development industry in order to best serve our clients. To learn more about Fahrenheit Marketing and how we convert clicks into clients, contact us today and set-up your consultation.