Guest Blogging Etiquette & Tips

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Guest blogging is a great tool to get more links and exposure for your business, but you can’t simply throw a blog together and send it to every blog you want. There’s a certain etiquette that comes along with being a guest blogger and it’s not always a simple process. We’ve put together some practices you should keep in mind when guest blogging, as well as some of our best tips.

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  • Remember you’re not writing to promote your business. Usually, guest blogs are allowed to have a backlink to their website in their byline, which is great. But, oftentimes, bloggers will try to link to their business or product in the main text, which isn’t what guest blogs are for. Make sure you’re blogging about information relative to your line of work, but not directly pitching your services.
  • Before you pitch, make sure your topic is relevant. Research websites that regularly post about the kind of blogs you want to write. Pitching a blog about skincare on a site that regularly blogs about SEO isn’t going to make sense. Do your research and tailor your blogs to fit many different types of sites.
  • Be polite, you’re asking for exposure. Don’t throw your ideas and blogs at websites assuming they’re going to pick up your content. Let them know you’ve read through their sites, politely suggest blog ideas and explain your background and experience and let them decide. If you’re too showy or pushy, you probably won’t get a response.
  • Make sure you know the rules. Some sites will be more strict with tone of voice than others, and word counts may be different. There is also some variety on links and other blogging credits. Be sure to read their guidelines or ask questions when coming up with blog posts.
  • Don’t rip off images. If they want an image with the blog, use Shutterstock or something similar to find non-copyrighted images to use with your post.
  • Promote your blog post! When you do get a blog posted as a guest on a website, blast it out on your social media and let people know its there. Getting engagement from readers and a large amount of page clicks will shows websites that you’re a useful guest blogger and you’re more likely to be invited back to blog again.

Do you have any other tips for guest bloggers? Let us know in the comments below.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

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When businesses dive into social media, they can be overwhelmed and confused. Twitter provides a very succinct platform: you’ve got 140 characters to make a point that will intrigue, engage and entertain your target market. Many times, businesses can get overzealous with tweets — either tweeting too often, about irrelevant topics, or far too opinionated statuses. So, how do you keep the balance? That’s what we’re here for.

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Putting yourself in your client’s shoes is a good way to decide whether your tweet is relevant. Do they care about what the tweet says? Does it impact them in any way? Does it add something to their day? These are the questions to ask yourself. It’s also important to make sure your tweet won’t offend anyone in your target market, which makes your marketing research that much more important. For those tweets that you aren’t 100% sure about, save them for your own personal account. That’s where you can let loose and post the cute cat photos and political rants.

Be personal, but not too personal. You want your users to relate to you and understand where you’re coming from or find some similarities between your business and their lives, but they don’t need to know your complaints about the industry. Keep it light and endearing and stay away from any topic that gets too deep. You’ll be able to tell if you’ve gone too far by the mentions and responses you get.

Edit! Make sure your grammar is correct, your links work, and your hashtags are spelled correctly (and working- certain characters like “!” and “&” won’t be clickable in a hashtag) before you click ‘tweet.’ It’s important that your tweets make sense, otherwise you won’t be seen as a valid source of information. Of course, on the web using “&” and other shortcuts is appropriate, just make sure your tweet doesn’t look like a texting teenager wrote it.

Naturally, keep it relevant. Make sure you’re tweeting about your clients’ wants and needs, not your company’s. And make sure you stay in your industry. If you’re trying to brand your company as an expert in your field, it’s important to stay in your expertise.

If you’re having trouble managing your company’s social media, or just need some advice, Fahrenheit Marketing offers full service social media marketing and a free consultation. Contact us today to get started.


5 Tips for Starting Your Business’s Facebook Page

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When your business is starting a social media marketing campaign, one of the first things you’re likely to do is create a Facebook page for your business. Everyone knows how useful Facebook is for reaching out to fans, but how do you get there? Once you’ve created your page, the bones are still important — your page must meet certain standards before it gets the following it needs (and deserves!). Follow our top 5 tips for starting your company’s Facebook page:

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  1. Choose Your Name Carefully: Make sure the name of your page is your brand and not some short hand version or nickname. Users need to be able to easily locate and find your page. The same goes for your URL: claim it as your brand name, and if it’s unavailable, get as close to your brand name as possible. All of this helps users find your page quickly and easily.
  2. Photos Should Count: You need to have a compelling profile and cover photo for Facebook. These photos are the first things a user sees when they visit your page. Make sure everything is within Facebook’s dimensions and that it’s high definition. Blurry photos are an instant turn off. This goes for your “about me” section as well. Make it factual and compelling, so that users know it’s your business as soon as they see the page.
  3. Share it: Once your page is built, it’s time to start getting likes. Share your page with friends and colleagues to start spreading the word that your Facebook page is up and running. Make sure your page is listed in your email signatures and posted on your website.
  4. Post When it Makes Sense: As you add content to your page, make sure you’re not overloading the user. It’s very common for users to unlike pages that spam with posts. Spread out your posts and make sure each one is interesting, unique and useful to the user.
  5. Update, Update, Update: How do you plan to keep your likers interested? Update your page with new deals, specials, contests, photos and other interesting news often- otherwise the user will forget your page is even there.

When your business’ Facebook page is just starting out, it’s important to have the basics down before implementing your marketing strategy. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we offer full service social media marketing to make your company heard above the noise of the web. Contact us today for a free consultation.

5 Blogging Misconceptions

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The world of blogging and content marketing can be difficult to manage and sometimes seem useless- but it’s one of the most important aspects of SEO and is extremely helpful in driving content to your site. Over the years, blogging has become more competitive, more difficult, and, as always, myths and misconceptions about blogging have sprung up to throw off those less in-tune with the blogging world. That’s what we’re here for.

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  1. Customers Don’t Read the Blogs: While customers may not travel to a business’s site and go looking for their blog, that doesn’t mean customers don’t read blogs. Blogs tend to rank very highly on search results, so if they’ve ever searched for something they’ve probably found themselves stumbling across a blog. So, while your customers may not be clicking on the blog from your site, that doesn’t mean they won’t read your blog.
  2. You Have to Post Every Day: This is entirely untrue. The best way to capture a user’s attention isn’t by merely shoving content at them. Quality is better than quantity, so three posts a week that are solid, interesting and informative is much better than seven that are short, scrappy and useless.
  3. Social Media is Useless: Especially when it comes to getting blogs out there, social media is very important. Social media overlaps with SEO, and it’s a good idea to use blogging, social media, and SEO all together, effectively. Pushing out content through your social networking is a great way to reach customers who like your pages.
  4. Commenting on Blogs is Dangerous: This runs both ways- bloggers can be nervous to allow comments on their sites because they can be negative and harm the site, and when this does happen, bloggers can be scared to comment back. Comments are a very useful tool for blogs, allowing discussion and feedback directly from consumers. Negative comments are bound to happen, but there’s no obligation to respond to them. Comments are better have than to not, and you can manage them accordingly.
  5. Good Content Gets Found: This is an exceptionally common thought for businesses with blogs- if you make it, they will come. But, it simply isn’t true. Merely creating a great blog post doesn’t mean it’s going to get thousands of retweets- you have to market it and it has to stand out from the crowd. And for a brilliant post to get to the top, it could take time.

Be sure to throw these misconceptions aside when working on your business’s blog and do you research on the kind of information your target market is looking for.

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we offer content development that will inform your customers and keep you website fresh and build a community around your blog. Contact us today for a free consultation.

4 Mobile App Design Tips

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When deciding to design a mobile app for your business, it’s key to take a step back and make sure your app is efficient and user-friendly. Many times, businesses can get too excited with their mobile apps and forget that their purpose is convenience- are they making the users life easier with this app? While that’s an important aspect of mobile design, it’s also critical that the app looks good — users want something trendy and clean, not over-designed or an eyesore. We’ve got a few tips to help you along in your mobile journey. mobile apps, austin marketing mobile

Keep the Theme

Your app should reflect your company and its website: keep colors and fonts similar, if not exactly the same. The look and feel of your brand should be reflected right back at you in your app. Be sure to upload your logo into the design- users should recognize your brand just from glancing at your app.

Make Your Icon Pop

If it’s going to be sitting on their smartphone or iPad screen, it might as well look good. Design an app icon that resembles your company, coordinates with color and is nice to look at.

Make it Easy

Keep it simple! When designing your app, keep your least-technical customer in mind. Is the app easily navigable? Are the buttons big and easy to understand? Your design should be intuitive and should focus on user-friendliness.

Quality is Key

Everything on your app should have quality, high resolution images, colors that pop, good content and a sleek design. A user may download your app, but if it doesn’t look good and work well, they won’t keep it.

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we design fully responsive sites for our client so their visible and sleek on a variety of devices. If you’re looking to dive into the mobile world, let us help you along. Contact us today to get started.