Is Pinterest Right for Your Business?

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Pinterest is quickly becoming a popular marketing tool for many different types of businesses. Pinterest provides a visual and social platform for content, videos, photos and other products and services businesses offer. So, is Pinterest right for your business? That depends- but you can probably benefit from the site no matter what. We’ll walk you through how to figure it out.

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  • Do you have a lot of visuals? If you company’s website is packed with interesting infographics, compelling photos or entertaining videos, then you need to be on Pinterest! Pinterest is all about visually attracting an audience, so if you’ve got the quality content, Pinterest has a board for you.

  • Is your audience already pinning your brand? Check out your Google analytics and you might be surprised- some of your market may have already been pinning your products or services. If traffic to your site is coming from Pinterest, that probably means it’s a good place to invest an account in.

  • Do you have a small amount of time to invest in it? Pinterest is a much more passively managed social media account than Twitter or Facebook, but it still takes time to create, mold, and post to. Make sure you’ve got at least a small window of opportunity to nurture your profile and add to it every so often. The good thing is, Pinterest content has a much longer shelf life than tweets or Facebook posts- pins can circulate around for months, especially if they’re racking up re-pins frequently.

  • Do you already love Pinterest? If you’re already personally interested in the site, it’s a definite option for your business. No matter what Pinterest can draw some amount of attention to your company, and if you’re already familiar with it and love the social platform, then go ahead and let your company hop on the pinning bandwagon.

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SEO News: Google

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In an industry like SEO, the rules of the game are changing constantly. It’s important to keep up with what’s happening, whether it’s new search engine rules or new techniques. Here’s the latest story we found interesting, and it concerns Google:

Google Receives Lowest Score in Customer Satisfaction Survey, Ever

In a survey released by ForeSee Results for the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Google ranked the lowest in levels of customer satisfaction with search engines since 2003. The site was measured on a 100-point scale and Google received the lowest score it ever has, 77, since the survey started over a decade ago. Last year, Google scored 82, and Bing and Yahoo both received scores of 76, which is also lower than their 2012 scores. ForeSee explained the results by saying that advertisements were interfering with the customer experience on search engines. According to the survey, 22% of participants said advertising was what deterred them from the site.

On the social media side of the survey, Google+ scored better than Twitter and Facebook, though it still experienced a massive satisfaction score decline.

The biggest takeaway from this may be that sites need to make sure ads are relevant and engaging for the user.

As SEO moves along and surveys like this are done, it’s important to learn what users are looking for and how to make the web tailored to them, especially when it comes to search engines.

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5 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

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A logo is the best way for clients instantly recognize your brand. Regardless of your industry, having a precise, simple logo is necessary for having instant recognizability among your clients. Putting too much thought, or not enough, into the design of your logo can be its ultimate downfall. When trying to brand your company, keep some of these common mistakes in mind, and don’t fall into their trap:

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  1. Designing for yourself rather than your customers. Always remember, your logo is for the benefit of your customers, not just you. Just because something looks cool to you, doesn’t mean it’s going to go over well with your clients. Don’t impose your personality onto the logo, impose the company’s personality in a likeable light for the client.
  2. Having an overly complex logo. Simplify your logo as much as possible. A logo with too many graphics, colors, or just too much going on will lose its recognizability instantly. Also remember that when your logo is sized down to be small for prints and other uses, it’s going to lose a lot of that detail you put into it.
  3. Relying on color. Your logo should be recognizable even in grayscale. Many designers get overzealous with color and can’t wait to use it. While color is fine, it shouldn’t be the main selling point of your logo. To avoid this, create your logo in black and white first, then consider color.
  4. Using multiple fonts. This follows the ‘keep it simple’ rule. Seeing too many fonts at once confuses users and will make your brand confusing. It’s not only important to choose one font, however. It’s also important to choose the right font. Choose something that reflects your company and sits well with clients.
  5. Copying current logos. Taking inspiration from current logo trends is okay, but remember to design outside the box. Copying logos doesn’t help people recognize your brand, it only helps them see who you’re copying. Instead of representing your business, you’re simply reminding them of someone else’s.

Avoid these mistakes and design your logo with your company’s personality and clients in mind.

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4 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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SEO is a vital part of any marketing campaign but it can quickly turn against your brand if not implemented correctly. SEO can be complicated and hard to understand and there are many myths surrounding the field, but there’s also a few big ‘don’ts’ that we can guarantee will hurt your search rankings.

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  • Keyword Stuffing: While posting content keywords is important, overusing them will ultimately hurt your rankings. Focus on implementing keywords into content and not just putting them on a page. Throwing keywords where they don’t make sense and just look jumbled will not make it past Google’s crawlers; trying to trick them just isn’t worth it. Find your main keywords and use them in an intelligent way.
  • Duplicate Content: Search engines are smart enough to detect duplicate content, so if you’ve already written a certain blog for one website, don’t try writing it again for another, even if you change a few words. Unique content is essential for building credibility with Google.
  • Buying Links: Paid links can be flagged by Google’s experts, and trust us when we say, they know. Links that just suddenly pop up everywhere because they were paid for can be tagged as “irregular link activity” and will hurt your rankings.
  • Not Fixing Title Tags: Title tags are one of the most important factors when it comes to your search rankings. Oftentimes, bloggers will create a post and leave the title tag alone, but most often the title tag can be jumbled and too long. Always make sure to edit your title tags to include certain keywords and, above all, make sure it makes sense.

When delving into SEO, knowing the basics can make all the difference. Avoid the common mistakes above and your website is sure to start seeing better rankings.

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Guest Blogging Etiquette & Tips

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Guest blogging is a great tool to get more links and exposure for your business, but you can’t simply throw a blog together and send it to every blog you want. There’s a certain etiquette that comes along with being a guest blogger and it’s not always a simple process. We’ve put together some practices you should keep in mind when guest blogging, as well as some of our best tips.

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  • Remember you’re not writing to promote your business. Usually, guest blogs are allowed to have a backlink to their website in their byline, which is great. But, oftentimes, bloggers will try to link to their business or product in the main text, which isn’t what guest blogs are for. Make sure you’re blogging about information relative to your line of work, but not directly pitching your services.
  • Before you pitch, make sure your topic is relevant. Research websites that regularly post about the kind of blogs you want to write. Pitching a blog about skincare on a site that regularly blogs about SEO isn’t going to make sense. Do your research and tailor your blogs to fit many different types of sites.
  • Be polite, you’re asking for exposure. Don’t throw your ideas and blogs at websites assuming they’re going to pick up your content. Let them know you’ve read through their sites, politely suggest blog ideas and explain your background and experience and let them decide. If you’re too showy or pushy, you probably won’t get a response.
  • Make sure you know the rules. Some sites will be more strict with tone of voice than others, and word counts may be different. There is also some variety on links and other blogging credits. Be sure to read their guidelines or ask questions when coming up with blog posts.
  • Don’t rip off images. If they want an image with the blog, use Shutterstock or something similar to find non-copyrighted images to use with your post.
  • Promote your blog post! When you do get a blog posted as a guest on a website, blast it out on your social media and let people know its there. Getting engagement from readers and a large amount of page clicks will shows websites that you’re a useful guest blogger and you’re more likely to be invited back to blog again.

Do you have any other tips for guest bloggers? Let us know in the comments below.

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