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Fresh, relevant content is crucial in the SEO world. Without new content on your website, you will inevitably fall in the PageRank score that Google uses for its top search results pages. This is partially why having a well-maintained company blog works for many businesses. However, make sure whoever is charged with the responsibility of updating content understands what is SEO-friendly versus what is simply a waste of time.

Write for your audience

This seems obvious, but many writers are so focused on achieving SEO goals that they forget to write for their targeted readers. Think about what they want to read. This may mean you need to research your market’s background and interests. Some ways to monitor and research your market are by analyzing:

  • Social media
  • Magazine content
  • Common web topics
  • Other blogs within your industry
  • SEO content development strategies
    About 93 percent of online experiences begin with using a search engine.

    Keep your content genuine and real. Believe it or not, your readers can see through blogs that only exist in hopes of generating sales.

    Make it unique

    Come up with creative ways to deliver the readers’ desired content. How can you present information that others have likely, at some point or another, discussed? Maybe this means including videos or images in your content, or maybe the information can be displayed in a linked slideshow.

    Writing for the Web

    Writing for the Web is different than you may be used to. Scanning for news and blogs means searching for the headlines and brief clips that catch our eye. Great articles and blog posts too often get passed over because the titles are bold and attention-grabbing.

    Additionally, people like reading content that isn’t overwhelmingly text-heavy. Keeping your content simple means separating content into manageable paragraphs and using bullet points and images whenever possible. Additionally, keep it to a relatively brief length. Save the novels for high school English class.

    Use appropriate keywords

    SEO is reliant off of key search terms in your content that will point to your site. Picking a few key terms is more beneficial than too many, because your content will focus on these keywords and you will likely produce more quality in-depth content. Carefully weaving these keywords into your posts is part of the trick; don’t overuse them to where they no longer flow with your article. This is called keyword stuffing and is frowned upon by the Google algorithm for SEO rankings.

    Avoid competitive keywords

    There are tons of keywords that are considered competitive. While they have a high search volume, your content will take a back seat on page 11 or 26 due to the competition for these words. You are better off using keywords with a lower search volume, because you would rather be at the front of search engine page results for less searched keywords than lost in page results that few people will actually look through.

    About Responsive Design

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    What is Responsive Design?

    Web pages that have responsive design elements can be re-sized (sometimes to fit on a tablet or phone) and will rearrange the integral parts of the webpage so they’ll still fit neatly on the screen. You can see that responsive design is much what it sounds like- the design elements will respond to changes in the window size, thus making it more user-friendly. A navigation bar, for example, will transform as the window begins to shrink while other elements will sort themselves in proportion to the size of the window and grid. Responsive design is most useful for businesses who want their website to be accessible to all user devices, from laptop to tablet to smartphone.


    Which Social Media Channel Should I Be Using?

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    When social media first started becoming a trend beyond eighth grade girls building their “top eight,” it still seemed as though it was just a way for individuals to communicate with loved ones. While that assumption proved true back in 2007, businesses have made an online presence so strong on social media platforms that it has almost become an unofficial requirement for businesses to grow and continue generating sales.

    However, the last thing any employer wants to do is waste time trying to keep up on multiple social media channels if only one or two will make a real impact on his or her business. So, which one should you be using?

    social media channels
    About 67 percent of adults are using social media.


    With over 700 billion minutes spent each month on Facebook, it’s pretty much irrational not to invest some time on this outlet, especially if you work with the consumer market. About 67 percent of adults are actively using Facebook accounts, so almost any market can benefit from engaging with its publics on this channel.


    About 2.6 million companies have pages on LinkedIn to interact with other businesses and professionals within the industry. If you run some sort of agency, where your clients are typically other businesses, activating a LinkedIn account for your company would be helpful. For businesses reaching out to individuals, this channel may not be as effective.


    Twitter is right behind Facebook in terms of users, with 140 million active users. Twitter is great for more than just followers and tweet; social media monitoring has become one of the top reasons organizations use it. By typing in keywords and hashtags, businesses are able to successfully research targeted publics, new clients, trending topics and current attitudes and behaviors.


    Pinterest is kind of the new kid on the block, and does not have much of an impact for the majority of businesses. However, if your company relies off some kind of visual for sales, Pinterest may be a great marketing advantage for you. For example, if you are an interior decorator, Pinterest can help you display homes you helped design by categorizing each room and displaying them for the public. Other businesses who can benefit from Pinterest include:

    • Fashion brands
    • Hairstyling businesses
    • Animal shelters

    Four SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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    Search engine optimization (SEO) works through an algorithm of factors that Google formulated, called PageRank, which ultimately affects your blog’s rank on the search engine’s results pages. Knowing which factors are considered most, and how they can positively (and negatively) affect your blog’s rank is critical to any SEO campaign. So, what are the factors?search engine optimization, internet marketing

    Un-optimized Title Tag

    Your title tag is one of the most important factors in SEO, but too many blogs don’t even know it. Your tag should be customized to describe your blog while implementing a targeted keyword. This title will appear in browsers, search engine results pages and external websites, so having “Home Page” or your brand’s name will not be helpful in building your rank.

    Using Free Hosting Sites

    Many free blogging websites can give you bang for your buck, but will not be efficient in climbing that SEO ladder. This is because these sites do not allow you the total control you need to install necessary Plugins, themes and extensions. If you do enough research, you should not have to spend more than $50 per year for a customized domain and efficient Web hosting.

    Duplicate Content

    Building off keywords to blog on is an excellent proven method to improving your rank, but this can be difficult if done incorrectly. If you focus on too many keywords for each page, your will likely begin writing duplicate content due to narrowed down topics you can write about. Duplicate content with too many keywords dropped in is considered “keyword stuffing,” and will hurt your PageRank. Instead, create separate pages for each keyword for stronger high-quality content.

    Buying Links

    Google has a special team that looks out for this kind of activity. Many brands buy links to get a leg up in PageRank, but this violates Google’s guidelines for SEO, and they will flag it. Suspicious activity includes having a sudden influx of backlinks to your site, as well as having random irrelevant websites backlinking. You are much better off not engaging in buying links for your brand.

    Google’s Newest Update: Hummingbird

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    Google-Hummingbird-Update-Fahrenheit-MarketingThe SEO world has been set abuzz once again with Google’s latest algorithm update, titled Hummingbird. So what do you need to know about it?

    First off, Google has already made it clear that it is trying to create the best user experience possible by trying to sift through search queries that range from useless crap to those of actual value. Penguin and Panda have already shown us that, so it’s no surprise Hummingbird is heading down the same path.

    The most important goal that Google is trying to achieve with Hummingbird is less focused on keywords that match search queries and more focused on understanding what information individuals are trying to find with their search queries. Obviously the point of a search query is to find what users are looking for, but sometimes the meaning of the search query and the results Google provides based on keyword matching is completely different.

    The interesting part of Google search now is that the search engine is starting to be able to understand more complex queries. Instead of searching “distance between Austin and New York”, users can simply ask “how far away is NY?” and get a simple answer.

    Smart businesses will respond to Hummingbird by continuing to manage a well-rounded marketing strategy. While informative online content is going to be valuable to your users, businesses will need to reassert their efforts toward understanding their consumers’ needs.


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